It’s more fun in Orienteering/Camping!

It’s more fun in Orienteering/Camping!

Preenlistment for Summer 2012. I was sure that I wanted to take up a Physical Education 2 course. [Lubus-lubusin ko na yung “Freshman” priority ko. Mahirap makakuha ng PE kapag “Regular” na ‘yan.] But I was undecided what I should pre-enlist. I had already taken Duckpin Bowling and Scrabble, so they’re definitely off the list. I am also a morning person, so as much as possible, I wanted to have a 7 or 8:30 AM PE class [with a RGEP course in the afternoon]. So I checked the list when I chanced upon these: PE 2 OR W1 and PE 2 CP W2 & W3 under Prof. Ronualdo Dizer. (UPDATE 6/6/12: Dean na pala siya ngayon.) I had read about Orienteering/Camping under him as a chill class, in which the only requirements are attendance on two camp-outs. Para makapaglakwatsa ako ngayong summer dahil nakakasawa na rin yung pagtambay lang sa bahay, I decided to list all three classes. I got the 7 AM class.

The first camp-out I attended (Level I-B) was held at the Crystal Beach Resort, San Narciso, Zambales. Here are some pictures.

The second (Level II-A) was at the Pacific Recreational Kamp (PaRK) in Real, Quezon. Unfortunately, my non-waterproof camera finally decided to die on me. So, I had no pictures. Boo-hoo for me and for you, my dear reader. 😦 Basically, we “hiked” to a river, went swimming there, and then went back to camp for surfing lessons. That was the first time I ever stepped on a surfboard. I was able to surf the waves on my second try after slipping off on the first. My group and I spent the night getting to know each other, telling ghost stories in campus [with Sir Lee occasionally popping up our tent’s entrance and screaming =))] and playing games. We were supposed to have an adventure race the following day but a majority of my classmates wanted to go swimming instead. Some of my group mates and I decided to play lawn bowling [which apparently is a real game].

This course made me realize the importance of presence of mind [nasigawan pa kami ni Sir noong unang campout namin dahil sa tent] and preparations. I had fun with the activities that were carried out [kahit na medyo haggard, especially after the first camp-out] and with the company of my group mates from both camp-outs. Finally, I was able to unleash my hidden side, very different from my usual reserved self. [You had to be there to find out. :)]

Masaya ang camping o orienteering, kaya kunin niyo na!

<!– P.S. Sir, kung mababasa niyo man po itowala pa rin akong grade. O hindi lang ako ang wala? (UPDATE 6/6/12: Lahat po yata kami wala pang grade.) –>