My version of a Philippine Assisted Reproductive Technologies Act

Last year, for my Medical Jurisprudence class under Prof. James Dennis Gumpal, LLB, MD, I submitted my version of a bill/proposed law that will regulate the use of assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs), such as in vitro fertilization and suurogacy, in the Philippines. The provisions were drafted to protect the child conceived through such technologies. The bill settles issues of parental authority, legitimacy, support, and succession by binding the parents into their contract to use identified ARTs and preventing them from rescinding the contract and disowning the child conceived and born through said technologies.

The law also regulates the donation and use of gametes (reproductive cells) of the participants and penalizes unauthorized use of said cells. The donor of such cells and the surrogate are not considered under this bill as the parents of children conceived and born through ARTs. Finally, this bill prohibits human cloning for reproductive purposes.

The explanatory note and the proposed law itself are below: