[Lost media] Physics (Philippine educational show from 1964)

Started a thread on the Lost Media Wiki, hopefully to start a search: https://forums.lostmediawiki.com/thread/4543/physics-philippine-educational-show-1964

While working on a Philippine educational television shows special for my YouTube channel (please subscribe and watch my videos), I discovered (not found) a lost show.

From Florangel Rosario (later Dr. Florangel Rosario Braid, one of the framers of the present Constitution), “Instruction by Television in Secondary Schools”, 12 Philippine Studies 723-6, 725 (1964), Available at JSTOR: https://www.jstor.org/stable/42719979?seq=1

The administration of META is carried out by a board of trustees, its policy-making body, and an executive staff. The staff is concentrating its full attention ont he transmission and utilization of 120 telecasts in Physics which are now seen on two television channels at different hours of the day. These telecasts, produced and kinescoped by the Center for Educational Television, are received by secondary schools around the greater Manila rea. Kinescopes (16 mm. television recordings) have an advantage over “live” programs in that they can be reshown through different channels and at different hours of the day to meet the demands of varied school schedules. Another advantage is that they can be distributed to other parts of the country after they have been utilized in the metropolitan area. Rev. Francis Glover, S.J. of the Manila Observatory is the studio teacher in the Physics series. Fr. Glover meets classroom teachers utilizing the series at weekly conferences for previews and discussions. A research program will also attempt to discover conditions necessary to present outstanding lessons under local circumstances.

META is an acronym for Metropolitan Educational Television Association, Inc., described in depth on the JSTOR article.

I always thought Batibot/Sesame (see thread by me on the Lost Media Wiki forums) was the first Philippine educational television show. Glad to discover something new. I wonder if the kinescopes still exist.

Leave a reply on YouTube if a video is involved. If not, reply here. :)

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