[Historical Documents] Inaugural issue of the Official Gazette of the World War II/Japanese-era Second Republic, 14 October 1943

Note: Every once in a while, I take breaks from bar review to look at historical documents available in the library where I review. Hundreds of Official Gazettes and legislative deliberations lay untouched and unopened, waiting for a historian to open them. I am sharing here in my blog whatever I find interesting, to pique the curiosity of others who may want to look further.

Source: Official Gazette, October 14-31, 1943, note that it is Volume 1, disregarding issues under both the Commonwealth and the Japanese-controlled Philippine Executive Commission.

Below are speeches made mostly by Jose P. Laurel during the inauguration of the Republic of the Philippines under Japanese Rule on 14 October 1943. The last speech is by the “Highest Commander of the Imperial Japanese Army in the Philippines”. Not sure if this is Masaharu Homma.

Parts of Laurel’s Tagalog speech appear in this newsreel.

The cover page of this Official Gazette issue, the Executive Orders naming “Diwa ng Bayan” as the national anthem and regarding the great seal of the Republic, and the National Assembly act creating the Ministry of Foreign Affairs may be found below:

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