[Historical Documents] Selected Pages of the World War II/Second Republic-era Official Gazette

Note: Every once in a while, I take breaks from bar review to look at historical documents available in the library where I review. Hundreds of Official Gazettes and legislative deliberations lay untouched and unopened, waiting for a historian to open them. I am sharing here in my blog whatever I find interesting, to pique the curiosity of others who may want to look further.

This is the cover page of Volume 1, No. 3 of the Official Gazette under the Japanese-sponsored, Laurel-led Republic of the Philippines.

The next images are from No. 5 of the same volume. Note Laurel’s Executive Order creating a committee to draft a “Civic Code”. Perhaps it’s a typo for “Civil Code”.

The pages below are from number 7 of volume 1. Note the reference to a “Code Commission” and to “Manuel A. Roxas”. Laurel was fond of Tagalog speeches, wasn’t he.

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