[Historical Documents] Proklamasyon Blg. 5 (1986)

Note: Every once in a while, I take breaks from bar review to look at historical documents available in the library where I review. Hundreds of Official Gazettes and legislative deliberations lay untouched and unopened, waiting for a historian to open them. I am sharing here in my blog whatever I find interesting, to pique the curiosity of others who may want to look further.

Nasa ibaba ang isang madalang na Proklamasyon. “Madalang” ito dahil hindi ito nasa wikang Ingles. Nilagdaan ito ng Pangulong Corazon Aquino bilang pagtakda sa 2 Abril bilang Araw ni Balagtas.

Ang larawang ito ay mula sa Official Gazette, isyu ng 7 Abril 1986.

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