[Historical Documents] Copyright Registrations from 1986 (and potential Philippine lost media?)

EDIT (23 April 2020): Made a Lost Media Wiki forum post quoting this post almost verbatim, in case anyone wants to mount a search effort. Link at https://forums.lostmediawiki.com/thread/4542/songs-jerry-dadap-filipino-composer

Note: Every once in a while, I take breaks from bar review to look at historical documents available in the library where I review. Hundreds of Official Gazettes and legislative deliberations lay untouched and unopened, waiting for a historian to open them. I am sharing here in my blog whatever I find interesting, to pique the curiosity of others who may want to look further.

I wonder who Jerry I. Dadap, Jr. is/was and why he has many unpublished songs. All these songs could be lost media, which I earlier talked about. Not sure if Dadap is the same person as Michael Dadap. They could be since the Tumblr page I found on “Jerry Dadap” has the same information as “Michael Dadap” on WIkipedia. (Please forgive me, I just did a cursory search).

Also note the interesting movie titles by Viva Home Entertainment.

It appears all the registrations were made on February 1986, before the regime change.

Source is the Official Gazette, 14 April 1986 issue.


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