Summary: This blog will from now on provide only case digests. So before it dies out like all the other student case digest sites out there, I’d like to say goodbye.

I have no more time for sitting down and writing here.

The study of law has taken most of it. This semester has taken even my nighttime. I had classes which ended at 9:30 in the evening. That was a first in my life. Even while I was taking up my bachelor’s degree, I did not have to stay in school for that long. And I thought I was a day student. (Pang-umagang pang-gabi.) Another first was that I had to rent an on-campus boarding house because of the ungodly schedule. But I’m digressing, aren’t I?

Besides, I have run out of topics to write about and the drive to continue on. I was thinking of drafting a novel through a series of posts about a world on the path of self-destruction with a love story on the side. As my sister said, “the best stories about love are not love stories.” But I don’t see any necessity for that. We are living through it anyway (sans the love story, of course). Abangan na lang natin ang susunod na kabanata.

Lastly, besides the case digests, the other posts have not seen much readership. Thus, most of them (especially the personal posts) have been taken down. I guess my stories and interests are just not interesting. Or they do not elicit any response. Or just a collective unexpressed “meh”.

So, I am transforming this blog to a collection of case digests for my various classes. I am planning to schedule one digest a day starting January 1 next year from my Obligations and Contracts class. Tamang-tama, makikinabang yung mga freshmen next sem.

And inevitably, as with all case digest websites, this blog will eventually die. I didn’t have time to make case digests this semester; instead, I just did one-liners per case and just committed every detail into memory.

(It’s not a good study technique though. I’m seriously considering going back on making and handwriting digests for my classes next year. I’ll start with it during the semestral break, hopefully.)

So yes, I will eventually run out of content (and/or time to schedule posts). And this site can finally fade away (except in Google search as regards the digests already posted).

Before that day eventually comes, allow me to bid farewell and thank all the passers-by who have read or even just skimmed through this blog. I wish you all the best, I hope that you wish the same from me.

Taking a cue from someone who was once a friend: “Out there, I have no more stories to tell.”


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