Clarifications on the article “UP’s top grad takes a dig at PNoy, Binay, joins Puno’s Cha-cha”

While they have not yet been posted on the article itself, I post these points here in my blog in the interim. I have already sent these on 21 July to the author, who I respect and admire greatly, and I hope that these be included as they are worded here at the end of the article.

These points are based on my and my sister’s recollections of the interview, which I wrote down as soon as I arrived home.

  1. I only knew about the existence of the summit or the Bagong Sistema, Bagong Pag-Asa Movement on 10 July (not last June before graduation) when my UP batch mate, Jerome dela Cruz, invited me to speak and participate for tomorrow’s summit.
  2. I was not able to hear Chief Justice Puno’s speech in Malate when the movement was launched last 6 June (not May). I only read his speech as sent to me by Jerome (and is available here).
  3. The quote attributed to me in the article, “I learned a lot inside Malacanang,” he said, of his ring-side view of the working style inside the Palace, “including (lessons showing) that the President’s ‘daang matuwid’ is not that straight, after all.” made it appear that I learned from my experiences in the Presidential Management Staff (PMS) that the President’s path was not that straight. I did not learn that from the PMS. Rather, I realized it way after and despite my time in PMS, by carefully studying and analyzing the present situation of our country and its direction. What I learned in PMS is the burdensome nature of work for supplying papers and briefings to the Presidency, which I mentioned during the interview, and the need for due diligence. No one from the PMS gave me that impression. I apologize for any bad faith imputed to the PMS and to everyone at the Economic Policy Office (where I was assigned) by the quote attributed to me.

Emir Mendoza

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