It’s more fun in Orienteering/Camping!

Preenlistment for Summer 2012. I was sure that I wanted to take up a Physical Education 2 course. [Lubus-lubusin ko na yung “Freshman” priority ko. Mahirap makakuha ng PE kapag “Regular” na ‘yan.] But I was undecided what I should pre-enlist. I had already taken Duckpin Bowling and Scrabble, so they’re definitely off the list. I am also a morning person, so as much as possible, I wanted to have a 7 or 8:30 AM PE class [with a RGEP course in the afternoon]. So I checked the list when I chanced upon these: PE 2 OR W1 and PE 2 CP W2 & W3 under Prof. Ronualdo Dizer. (UPDATE 6/6/12: Dean na pala siya ngayon.) I had read about Orienteering/Camping under him as a chill class, in which the only requirements are attendance on two camp-outs. Para makapaglakwatsa ako ngayong summer dahil nakakasawa na rin yung pagtambay lang sa bahay, I decided to list all three classes. I got the 7 AM class.

The first camp-out I attended (Level I-B) was held at the Crystal Beach Resort, San Narciso, Zambales. Here are some pictures.

The second (Level II-A) was at the Pacific Recreational Kamp (PaRK) in Real, Quezon. Unfortunately, my non-waterproof camera finally decided to die on me. So, I had no pictures. Boo-hoo for me and for you, my dear reader. 😦 Basically, we “hiked” to a river, went swimming there, and then went back to camp for surfing lessons. That was the first time I ever stepped on a surfboard. I was able to surf the waves on my second try after slipping off on the first. My group and I spent the night getting to know each other, telling ghost stories in campus [with Sir Lee occasionally popping up our tent’s entrance and screaming =))] and playing games. We were supposed to have an adventure race the following day but a majority of my classmates wanted to go swimming instead. Some of my group mates and I decided to play lawn bowling [which apparently is a real game].

This course made me realize the importance of presence of mind [nasigawan pa kami ni Sir noong unang campout namin dahil sa tent] and preparations. I had fun with the activities that were carried out [kahit na medyo haggard, especially after the first camp-out] and with the company of my group mates from both camp-outs. Finally, I was able to unleash my hidden side, very different from my usual reserved self. [You had to be there to find out. :)]

Masaya ang camping o orienteering, kaya kunin niyo na!

<!– P.S. Sir, kung mababasa niyo man po itowala pa rin akong grade. O hindi lang ako ang wala? (UPDATE 6/6/12: Lahat po yata kami wala pang grade.) –>


12 thoughts on “It’s more fun in Orienteering/Camping!

  1. Great blog. Especially for those taking this class currently like me. I’m from UPD too and we’re due to have our camp-out next weekend but I’m not a sporty type of person so I’m kind of worried if I’d survive the camp out especially after sir Dizer told us the itinerary.

    Just a few question if you don’t mind:
    I don’t play Frisbee or volleyball because I have horrible hand-eye coordination, okay lang ba yun? And I heard there are water games (may swimming relay pa ata) and I don’t know how to swim, again, okay lang din ba yun? Tapos I heard that meron daw Bravery Test dun sa itinerary. Did you have that too and any ideas on what we’re doing there?

    Sorry for asking too much. I’m just being paranoid again. Hahaha.

    • Hello Kai!

      Don’t worry about Frisbee and volleyball. Hindi ko nga nasasalo yung disc nung nag-Frisbee kami. The instructors in charge will guide you. It’s the first time I heard about the swimming relay and the Bravery Test. Nung nag-swimming kami, di naman kailangang magaling lumangoy.

      Don’t worry. You’ll be able to survive camping. The important thing is to have fun and make new friends.

      Thanks for visiting the blog.

      • Thank you, Kuya! Excited na rin tuloy ako sa camp-out namin. I hope I will have as much fun as you did.

        Last question po pala, how much did you pay for both camp-outs?

  2. Hello po! It’s CRS season again! XD

    Freshie po ako, and I’m considering camping/orienteering this semester. May iba pa po bang requirements aside from the two camp-outs? Kailangan po ba ng quizzes, exams, papers/written outputs? And strict po ba siya regarding tardiness and absences?

    Thanks po! I enjoyed reading this blog post. 🙂

  3. hi magastos po ba ang camping?mga magkano po ung mga expenses maliban dun sa 2 camp outs(nakita ko na po kase ung sagot dito sa previous comment hehe)?

    • Hello Fred,

      Hindi ko na maalala kung magkano nagastos ko sa camp-out bukod doon sa sinabi ko dati. Basta magdala ka ng maraming pera o magbaon ng tubig at pagkain, dahil mahal bumili sa camp site. Good luck and enjoy.

      • hello po ulit =) ang tinutukoy ko pong expenses eh ung mga materials po na gagamitin sa klase,may mga kailangan po ba bilhin na mahal?o may babayaran po bang service,etc.?kasi diba po ung ibang pe meron din po ng hiwalay na binabayaran…para po mapaghandaan ko ng mabuti ung pera kung sakali po =) salamat po uli =)

  4. Hi, what about sa regular sem, may camp-out din? 🙂 Thanks! And hindi naman po ba mahirap makipagfriends sa group mates? haha

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